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Montenegro , Thursday 28 May 2020

News Montenegro Danilovgrad: NATO: Montenegro Is Delicate Target For Strikes

Published on: Monday 12 June 2017
NATO: Montenegro Is Delicate Target For Strikes
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Reports say the alliance hit several targets in Montenegro last night, including a large army barracks in the town of Danilovgrad, an aluminum plant, and areas around Golubovci airport outside the ...

News Montenegro Danilovgrad: Finland offers to host first Trump-Putin meeting

Published on: Monday 23 January 2017
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A billboard showing pictures of US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Danilovgrad, Montenegro Reuters Finland has offered to organise the first meeting between US ...

News Montenegro Danilovgrad: Turkish agency donates medical devices to Montenegro

Published on: Tuesday 02 October 2018
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The Ministry of Health of Montenegro said in a statement that the ECG devices, used to assess the condition of the heart, were delivered to health centers in the cities of Pljevlja, Andrijevica, ...

News Montenegro Danilovgrad: Germany gifts light armoured vehicles to Montenegro

Published on: Thursday 13 September 2018
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on 12 September at Milovan Šaranović barracks in Danilovgrad. The official handover of the vehicles is scheduled for VCG Day on 5 October.