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Montenegro , Thursday 02 July 2020

News Montenegro Petnjica: Serbs rally for wanted Karadzic

Published on: Friday 27 July 2001
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PETNJICA, Yugoslavia -- Hundreds of supporters of Radovan ... The pro-Western government in Montenegro -- the junior partner in the Yugoslav federation -- has denied rumours that Karadzic is hiding in ...

News Montenegro Petnjica: Montenegro, Smallest of Ex-Yugoslav Republics, Votes Sunday on Independence

Published on: Friday 19 May 2006
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In Petnjica, a Muslim village 12 miles to the east of Berane on a high mountain plateau, there is overwhelming support for independence. Most Muslims in Montenegro, mindful of the Serbs' killings of ...

News Montenegro Petnjica: Montenegrin meat producers slicing into wider market

Published on: Monday 25 June 2018
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Adrovic Alimr from Petnjica is one such farmer ... to upgrade food safety and quality standards in Montenegro’s meat sector. To consumers, a GI label signals an origin-linked product of quality, ...