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Montenegro , Sunday 31 May 2020

News Montenegro Zabljak: Chief of Defence – Montenegro

Published on: Friday 28 September 2018
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Brigadier General Dragutin Dakić was born on June 29, 1968 in Zabljak, Montenegro. He finished elementary school in 1983, and Military High school in 1987. He graduated from Military Academy in 1991 ...

News Montenegro Zabljak: Durmitor National Park

Published on: Thursday 08 November 2018
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The nearby town of Zabljak is Montenegro’s primary ski resort. Besides the extraordinary landscape beauty and the fascinating geological heritage, Durmitor National Park is also home to an impressive ...

News Montenegro Zabljak: Yugoslavia: Montenegro Moves To Take Control of Airports

Published on: Saturday 02 March 2019
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The airport remains out of service. Berane and Zabljak are small airfields in Montenegro's mountainous north. This leaves Tivat on the coast as the sole functioning commercial airport in Montenegro. ...

News Montenegro Zabljak: Peace at last

Published on: Friday 12 April 2019
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The next leg of our journey was from the southern to northern tip of Montenegro by car, a distance of only 100km as the crow flies, but six hours or so on twisty roads, to Zabljak (the country's only ...